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VegOmega-3 contains 100% plant-based Omega-3. The oil is extracted from sea algae and has a high content of
Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

VegOmega-3 is an ideal vegetarian alternative to fish oil. With just one capsule a day, vegans, vegetarians and others can meet the daily need for Omega-3 in an efficient, direct way from a vegetable source.

The product is registered by both The Vegan Society.

Daily dose for adults and children aged 11 and over: 1 capsule.

VegOmega-3 is one of the Nordic region’s strongest algae oil Omega-3 products.

One capsule contains 250 mg of DHA and 125 mg of EPA, which in combination
with the other Omega-3 fatty acids contained in the product gives a total
Omega-3 intake daily at 426 mg.

The Omega-3 oil in VegOmega-3 is of high quality with high content of Vegan-DK-PantoneVegan Society vegan vegan

EPA and DHA, which is beneficial for the heart, brain and vision.

The oil is 100% plant-based, being extracted from sea algae.
VegOmega-3 is registered with both the English The Vegan Society
and the Danish Vegetarian Association, and these registrations guarantee,
that the product is 100% vegetable.

Direct source of Omega-3
Algae is a good and direct source of Omega-3. The reason why seafood contains Omega-3 fatty acids is because they feed on algae in the ocean or on small animals that have eaten algae. The algae are rich in the important Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

It should be mentioned for good reason that not all algae are equally rich in these Omega-3 fatty acids. Read more about this in the details tab.

Brain, heart and vision
VegOmega-3 contains the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which contribute to the normal functioning of the heart. This effect is achieved by a daily intake of 250 mg EPA and DHA (total).

In addition, DHA helps maintain normal vision and normal functioning of the brain, and these effects are achieved by a daily intake of 250 mg DHA.

Suitable for pregnant and lactating women
The high content of DHA in VegOmega-3 also makes the product suitable for pregnant and lactating women. The mother’s intake of DHA contributes to normal development of the brain and eyes of the fetus and of nursing infants. The beneficial effects are achieved by a daily intake of 200 mg of DHA together with the recommended daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acids for adults, ie. 250 mg of DHA and EPA.

Biosym Pure®
VegOmega-3 has great purity values, which users can gain insight into as the product is part of Biosym Pure®. Via the product’s L-no. the consumers at can click on the relevant analysis result. The analyzes are performed by an independent laboratory.

1 capsule contains:

Sea algae oil 750mg

Omega-3 fatty acids 426mg

-Here’s EPA 125mg

– Hence DHA 250mg

Vegetable oil with high EPA and DHA content from Schizochytrium sp. Microalgae, sunflower oil, rosemary extract.
Antioxidants: L-Ascorbyl Palmitate, p. tocopherols. Vegetable capsule: Glycerol, sorbitol, potato starch, eucheuma seaweed,
wax from the carnauba palm.


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