INDIA: Shampoo with Hemp Oil – 400 ml

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Moisturizing, smoothing and thickening hair structures and preventing split and are the natural properties of hemp oil, the main active ingredient in India’s shampoo. Hemp oil absorbs deeply into hair structures, gives hair shine, smoothness and increases volume. The nutrient content (primary EFAs) regulates the sebaceous glands and thus prevents oily hair. Additional fabrics help fight and style.

Hemp oil: closer to the hair intensively, making it easier to comb and relieve the irritated scalp. Due to nutrient content, the oil prevents oily hair;

Collagen: maintains proper hydration, improves the structure and volume of the hair and positively influences the natural styling of the hair;

D-panthenol: moisturizes the hair fibers, gives the hair shine and reduces split ends.

Use: Apply shampoo to wet hair, gently massage into scalp and rinse with warm water.

For daily use.

For a better effect, use it with the Indian hair mask.

Capacity: 400 ml

1 review for INDIA: Shampoo with Hemp Oil – 400 ml

  1. Anne

    This shampoo is the best

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