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Neutralex er en meget kraftig antioxidant, der er i stand til at neutralisere en enorm mængde af de frie radikaler, vi udsættes for dagligt, og kan således fremme den generelle sundhed og vitalitet.

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The free radicals we are typically exposed to in today’s environment – through the air we breathe and foods we eat – can cause damage to the body’s cells, including decreased skin elasticity, hardening of the arteries, renal impairment, cell mutation (which can lead to cancer) and Alzheimer’s. Neutralex is a very powerful antioxidant, capable of neutralizing a huge amount of the free radicals we are exposed to daily, and thus can promote overall health and vitality. The plant extracts used in our antioxidant formula are between fifty and a hundred times more effective than other traditional sources of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C.

Impressive fight against free radicals

You want to keep the free radicals under control as much as you possibly can, as they cause accelerated aging with reduced skin elasticity as the most visible marker.

Non-controlled free radicals can also damage arteries, cause cell mutations or brain cell degeneration.

As a smoker, you need more antioxidants than non-smokers because smoking creates a lot of free radicals.

Trans fat and foods with a high glycemic load also create a lot of free radicals in the body.

If you do a lot of sports or sunbathe a lot, you also need extra antioxidant support.


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