NATURE PHARMA: TELEMORES, 3 x 90 capsules, Special offer: Normal price 477,00 – Now only 350,00 euro




Each capsule contains:

160 mg of Pileurtrode extract (1) (Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc.) 160 mg Astragelrodeate Extract (2) (Astragalus membrane aceus Moench.) 15 mg Pileurtrod (Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc.) 15 mg astragelroot (Astragalus membrane aceus Moench.)

Inspired by Nobel Prize winning research at leading American universities, NATURE PHARMA’s TELEMERES is made from two plant extracts, each of which can prevent premature ageing (*) and support good health. By activating genes that, when active, can postpone the physical ageing process, creating the basis for a longer life in good health.

Specifically, plant precursors improves the body’s ability to repair damaged DNA, thereby improving the quality of new cells. They can also help keep heart, blood vessels and brain cells healthy and well-functioning, and the metabolism improves. Many who have taken TELEMERES have been able to observe a reduction in their biological age, which is a measure of how healthy and well-functioning the body is.

(*) The term ‘ aging ‘ is used instead of ‘ aging ‘, because the latter indicates that one’s age is crucial to how old your body is – how biologically ancient you are. The point is that recent research shows that the two things do not exactly need to be linked, for example, with plantesubstancer such as those used in TELEMERES, to counteract ageing – bodily decay, to follow one’s biological and physical age.

NATURE PHARMA SPAIN’s TELEMORES preparations are made using the best ingredients


Healthy and well-functioning cells
Healthier metabolism
Improved DNA repair mechanism
Better quality of life: a healthy and well-functioning body


3 capsules once or twice daily, best outside meals – for example, half an hour before lunch or another of the day’s main meals.

 should be taken for a long time – at least over a period of one year and like two – if the goal is to get to experience the unique profound effects of Plantesubstancerne in TELEMORES.


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