VitaZymes: Liverex – 120 Capsules


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Liverex understøtter sund funktion af leveren og nyrerne.

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Liverex supports healthy functioning of the liver and kidneys. We are exposed to many chemicals in everyday life (such as from pollution, pesticides and medicines) which can put a strain on our body’s most important cleansing organs. The herbs in Liverex can also help restore a damaged liver – whether the damage is caused by chemical overload, alcohol overuse or an infectious disease such as hepatitis.

Liver and kidney support (it is important that both organs work well).

Exposure today to a lot of chemicals burdens our most important cleansing organs.

Even a very damaged liver can be regenerated with Liverex.

Ideal as chemotherapy berries as the chemicals can cause the liver to collapse.

Also effective before a night out on the town to avoid feelings with the hangover the next day. (take 6 capsules)


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