VitaZymes: Jeff Natural Elements Crema /Day Cream




A luxurious day cream for all types of skin, which contains active nutrients from seven different natural products to help rebuild and ensure a healthy moisturizing of the skin.

This delicious Jeff Natural Elements Day Cream can be used all year round, and the moisturizing skin cream can also be applied to delicate skin.
This delicious day cream is easy to distribute and it penetrates the skin quickly with its amazing properties which quickly gives a beautiful skin.

This day cream is made from Chinese herbs containing organic enzymes and can be applied to the face, throat, hands as well as other parts of the body where the skin is damaged or sensitive.
Jeff Natural Element’s day cream contains: witch hazel, big nettle, red clover, rippled scrap, reishi, bark of beach pine, natural vitamin E.

Makeup can be applied on top of the cream.

Jeff Natural Element Day Cream is not a beauty cream and can be used by both men and women.

Is used:
Apply in the morning after washing your face.

Contains 50 ml / 1.69 FL. OZ


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