Huminiqum – 120 capsules




Huminiqum is a food supplement product containing minerals, micronutrients, trace element, vitamin-C, fulvic acid, humic acid and milk thistle extract.

Huminiqum is an ancient remedy naturally found in nutritious soil. While the electrolytes found in Fulvic Acid increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, Humic Acid promotes the health of your immune system by promoting the release of antibodies and cytokines.

We recommend HUMINIQUM supplements for daily use.

Recommended daily dose

Generally 2 capsules daily (1 + 1)

Acid-base balance restoration: 1 × 2 daily
Fatigue: 1 × 2 daily
For physical exertion: 2 × 2 Daily
in case of intellectual fatigue: 2 × 2 daily
Breastfeeding mothers: 1 × 2 daily
Post-judgment: 2 × 2 db
Children: 1 × 1 a day

The product does not contain preservative.

• Take the necessary dose with plenty of fluid.
• It is recommended to take 15-20 minutes before meals and 15-20 minutes after meals.

The product contains no additives (flavor, stabilization, preservation, etc.).


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