Mujer y Hombre: GILOFA Calcetines salud y viaje / Woman & Men: GILOFA Health & travel socks, cotton, black, size: 36/38




High-quality modern support/travel stockings for him and her

Gilofa support and travel stockings provide active and comfortable preventive care against venous problems and tired, swollen legs. They support muscle function. The health effect is not immediate with Gilofa stockings but you feel it. The best though is that it is a pleasure to wear them.

Weightless – day in day out

At least that is what it feels like when you are on the move with Gilofa stockings.

Man’s upright gait is the beginning of all venous problems. While oxygen enriched blood reaches the legs almost by itself thanks to gravity, the return flow is slightly more difficult. The veins have to pump the oxygen-deficient blood (low in oxygen) from below back up to the heart. When walking the calf muscles support the veins, press them together and thus the blood upwards. However, standing or sitting a lot makes the whole process more difficult for the veins. Blood can pool in the legs. Sales or office staff or travellers know all about this. In the evening legs are often swollen, tired and heavy. Gilofa 2000 support and travel stockings provide medically effective prevention against such problems.

Gilofa support and travel stockings are available in a sporting-active and fashionable-elegant design.

The universals with cotton

After long days in the office or at the counter window, after long journeys by car or plane your legs often feel tired and heavy. In the worst case you are at risk from thrombosis or even pulmonary embolism.

But let’s switch to something more pleasant: the healthy Gilofa 2000 knee stockings. Particularly comfortable as the top does not pinch. On account of the special knitting technique, the stockings are a perfect fit for your legs.

Gilofa 2000 are the modern support and travel stockings with a high cotton content. Our bestseller for many years.


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