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EPA-GLA + ® is natural, stable fish oil and other fatty acids in a unique combination. Composed with focus on heart, brain and vision.

The fish oil in EPA-GLA + ® is certified by the independent environmental organization Friend of the Sea, ie. the fish oil comes from sustainable fishing.

EPA-GLA + is part of the quality mark Biosym Pure®. Here, the user can gain insight into purity analyzes for exactly the product you are holding in your hand.

The capsule shows a dark build-up, which is naturally due to the content of rapslecithin, which cannot be mixed homogeneously with the other healthy oils in the capsule.

Recommended daily dose for adults as well
children aged 11 and over: 4 capsules.

EPA-GLA + is a broad fatty acid product containing fish oil in combination with medical castor oil and liquid lecithin extracted from rapeseed oil. In this composition you get a balanced supplement of Omega 3-6-7-9 fatty acids and phospholipids.

EPA-GLA + ® contains the long polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that we normally only get from fish.

EPA and DHA are essential fatty acids in the sense that they must be applied to the body in the same way as e.g. vitamins, as the body cannot form these vital building blocks.

The essential beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids from one of the world’s purest fish oils

EPA-GLA + ® contains fish oil’s Omega-3 fatty acids in their longest and most unsaturated forms – also called EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). It is in the form of EPA and DHA that Omega-3 fatty acids work in the body. They are part of all the cell membranes of the body, where they are of great importance for the function of the cells. DHA is the most important fatty acid in the brain tissue, and the retina of the eye has a very high content of DHA. The new fish oil used in EPA-GLA + ® is one of the world’s cleanest fish oils! Analyzes have shown impressive purity values. The fish oil has received great recognition from the independent authority in the field of fish oil – IFOS – which places very high demands on their evaluation of fish oil.

The high quality of the fish oil is due to several reasons. A major factor is that the oil is manufactured in modern facilities under pharmaceutical control. Another reason is the complete integration and control of the production from the fishery to the production at the factory. Fishing takes place in the Pacific Ocean of South America close to the factory itself. The fish are therefore healthy when they arrive at the further processing at the factory, unlike some other fish oils, where the oil undergoes parts of the further processing in Europe, the USA or China. Finally, it is worth mentioning that only anchovies are used in the fish oil, which is possible due to the full integration described above.

The heart, the brain and the vision
EPA and DHA contribute to the normal functioning of the heart and this effect is achieved by a daily intake of 250 mg EPA and DHA (total). In addition, DHA helps maintain normal vision and functioning of the brain, and these effects are achieved by a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA.

cholesterol Level
Omega-6 fatty acid Linoleic acid is also included in EPA-GLA + ®. Linoleic acid helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. This effect is achieved by a daily intake of 10 g Linoleic acid. EPA-GLA + ® contributes 760 mg per day. daily dose of 4 capsules.

Safety and quality
Biosym was one of the first companies to introduce fish oil on the Danish market back in the 1980s. We therefore have a great deal of expertise with regard to selection, composition, manufacture and, not least, quality assurance of fish oils, and EPA-GLA + ® therefore equals safety and quality.

The EPA-GLA + ® fish oil is one of the cleanest fish oils in the world, which for the same reason has won several international awards in recent years. The EPA-GLA + ® fish oil is the only one tested for far more parameters than the authorities require. We test each batch to ensure a quality product with the pure, stable fatty acids from 3 valuable oils – in one capsule.

EPA-GLA + ® is part of the quality label, Biosym Pure®. Here, Biosym offers consumers a unique opportunity to gain insight into the quality and purity of our marine and plant-based oils. The purity analyzes are performed by an independent laboratory.

EPA-GLA + ® is a good supplement to the other intake of fish from the diet, which according to the official dietary advice from the National Food Authority should preferably contain fish twice a week. The composition is always adjusted according to the latest knowledge of the daily needs of fish oil and other beneficial fatty acids. EPA-GLA + ® is served in fish gelatin capsules.

4 capsules contain

Fish oil.
Natural, stable oil from wild fish. Taste Neutral. 1200 mg

Liquid Lecithin from GMO-free rapeseed oil 1260 mg

Medical castor oil (Borago officinalis). Cold-pressed. 1200mg

Long-chain fatty acids Pr. 1 capsule


Total Omega-3 fatty acids 242 mg

EPA 107mg

DHA 75mg


GLA 67mg


Cis-11 Vaccine Acid 24mg


Oleic acid 250 mg


Linoleic acid 190mg


Fish oil, Rapslecithin (from GMO-free Rapeseed oil), Medical castor oil, Rapeseed oil.

Capsule: Fish gelatine. Humectant: Glycerol. (Vegetable)


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