BEST SELLERS: Colloidal Silver VITABAY MED., 100ppm, 500ml


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VITABAY MED., Colloidal Silver 100ppm, 500ml

Product Features:

Pure silver 99.99%
No additional additives – contains no silver chloride, no proteins and no salts
Concentration of 100 PPM (100 mg per liter)
Cleanest silver spreads
Optimal proportion of positively charged ions
Made with distilled ultrapur water (type 1 is cleaned to 0.1-0.4 microsiemens and activated in 15 steps)
Optimal distribution of the particles
Filled in a phthalate-free, light-protected amber glass bottle
The colloidal silver is therefore suitable for the whole body and people.

Use of colloidal silver

Due to its diversity, the product can be used in different ways. Use it to cleanse your face, for example, or even bathe in it and enjoy the unfolding positive effects of silver.

Optimal absorption of colloidal silver

The smaller the silver particles, the easier it is for the body to absorb them. Silver (ionically) dissolved in water is less than colloidal silver, which is why it is clearly more effective.


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