Colloidal Silver 100ppm, 500 ml, Nanosit


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Product information “500 ml nanosit colloidal silver, 100 ppm”

Colloidal silver
The colloidal silver is of the highest purity and quality. The production in our own laboratory is processor-controlled and with the exclusion of air in light-protected amber glass containers using pure water type I (conductivity <0.5 μS / cm) and purest silver (purity min. 99.99%).

To keep the charge state of the nanoparticles as long as possible, the colloidal silver should be stored in a brown glass bottle, as cool as possible and protected from the sun. Keep colloidal silver away from voltage fields such as refrigerators, televisions, and microwaves.

The possible effects of colloidal silver are not recognized by conventional medicine, and statements about the effectiveness of colloidal silver are in no way medical advice or therapeutic recommendations. Any use, internal or external, is at our sole discretion and responsibility. Always consult a doctor or naturopath you trust in case of illness. Understand that we can not provide any information about the effect of the colloidal silver we offer.


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