VitaZymes: Calmex – 120 Capsules


Moms er inkluderet i prisen

Calmex kan støtte mennesker, der er smarte, sekundære lavmomenter, føler sig deprimerede eller som jeg har en periode i deres liv, der har svært ved at finde glæde.

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Calmex can support people who are smart, secondary low moments, feel depressed or like I have a period in their lives that have difficulty finding joy. Brain chemicals often need little support to induce and positive mood swings. In addition to its mood-altering effect, the herbs used in Calmex have been shown to counterbalance some of the perceived negative effects – such as irritability and anxiety – of speaking with menopause. Calmex can also relieve nervous tension and related transmitters of discomfort.

Great support if you feel low or depressed.

Supports a healthy outlook on life.

Can help reduce anxiety and mood swings (menopause) .

Roes and relaxes nervousness in regaining the ability to experience life in a positive way.


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