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OmniVital contains a combination of four well-documented adaptogens: Russian root, astragalus, schisandra and rose root. These are traditionally used as supplements during periods of fatigue and stress.

The Adni genes in OmniVital are for immune system and against oxidative stress, fatigue and fatigue.

Can be used by vegetarians and vegans as OmniVital is registered with The Vegan Society in England.

Recommended daily dose for adults as well children from 11 years and over: 2 capsules.

Size: Box with 120 capsules

Russian root, astragalus, schisandra and rose root together form OmniVital.

Astragalus contributes to a normal functioning immune system and contributes to normal physical and mental performance. Schisandra helps reduce fatigue and fatigue. Rose root and Russian root contribute to a normal cognitive function as well as mental performance.

OmniVital also contains lecithin – for efficient utilization of the active nutrients.

OmniVital is one of the strongest and most versatile adaptogenic drugs available today.

Effective herbal extracts
In OmniVital, as is the case in all herbal preparations from Biosym, dry extracts are used, which are produced by a gentle process of carefully extracting the active ingredients of the plants in a liquid (either water or water / alcohol).

In order to concentrate the active substances – and thus increase the efficiency of the extract – the liquid is subsequently removed by gentle evaporation under vacuum.

The result is a dry extract that has a much higher concentration of active ingredients than the same amount of dried herb.

The herbal extracts are standardized on active marker substances and thus have the sufficiently potent doses that ensure a good effect according to the available research available on the individual drug.

In other words, the strength of Biosym’s drug preparations is fully in line with the dosages recommended by the research that underlie the choice of the specific drug.

Adaptogens – Depending on the body’s needs
Adaptogenic herbs are one of nature’s little wonders when it comes to providing extra energy – whether you are stressed or you want to boost your body’s energy levels before extra effort.

In the literature, adaptogens are defined as natural substances that have a normalizing and balancing effect on the body’s functions – without interfering with the body’s normal functioning. The adaptogens are a paradox because their regulatory effect means that they can both stimulate and inhibit the same functions in the body – all depending on the body’s current needs.

Adaptogenic herbs have no side effects or are addictive because they adapt to the body’s current needs.
They support the immune system, thereby providing a calming effect in addition to the energy-promoting effect. Adaptogens work quickly and efficiently.

Also for vegetarians and vegansBiosym VeganSociety
OmniVital is registered with The Vegan Society, which has checked and approved the ingredients in the product. Registration under this auspices guarantees a 100% vegan product, ie. OmniVital can also be consumed by vegetarians and vegans.

The Vegan Society is located in England and is the oldest vegan organization worldwide, founded in 1944.

Recommended daily dose for adults and children aged 11 and over: 2 capsules.

2 capsules contain extracts of:

Russian root (Eleutherococcus senticosus Maxim. H.) 1000 mg
– Of which min. 0.5 mg of Eleutherocide B and E
Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill.) 500 mg
– Of which min. 1 mg of schisandriner
Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch)) 2000 mg
– Of which min. 48 mg of polysaccharides
Rose root (Rhodiola rosea L.) 300 mg
– Of which min. 0.24 mg rosavines and 0.08 mg salidrosides
Lecithin (phospholipid blend) 100 mg

Sunflower lecithin. Extracts of: astragalus, russian root, schisandra and rose root.

Consistent agents: Rice flour, rice extract, rice concentrate.

Vegetable capsule: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, chlorophyllin-copper complex (natural color).


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