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Full Spectrum 1 CBD  – 30%  – 10ml

* 100% organic, premium with MCT (coconut oil)
* Made in Spain
* <0,2% THC – Gluten free

Full Spectrum 1 produces their oil from the best organic cannabis in Spain. Full Spectrum 1 ensures that there are no pesticides, herbicides, distillates or heavy metals in our oil. Full Spectrum 1 distills it twice to remove any contaminants.

The oil is light and easy to ingest. It has a brownish color that varies depending on the concentration of the oil. It smells nice of terpenes, so you get all the best a CBD oil has to offer.

Full Spectrum 1 uses organic MTC (coconut oil) oil to dilute CBD

As Full Spectrum 1 oils are extracted with alcohol, it contains small amounts of THC. Full Spectrum 1 believes that CBD oil works best in combination with THC. All oils are legal and you will not notice the slightest effect of THC.


Full Spectrum1 packs the oils in a nice, solid cardboard container with a lid that can be easily removed and the bottle taken out.

A clear color code on each tube easily identifies the oil concentration, so you always know what concentration you have.

Your bottle is well protected inside the tube. So you can carry it anywhere without having to fear that the bottle is broken or oil is spilled, which damages your belongings.

How to dose CBD

Everyone reacts to CBD in a different way. This may depend on the composition of the product, or factors within the person. If the following advice for determining a dosage has no effect, you can choose another product or CBD pasta.
Shake the bottle well before dosing. This makes for an even distribution of the CBD throughout the contents. It is also important to gradually increase your dose of CBD until you have the desired effect.

How to store CBD oil

This CBD oil is best kept in a cool dark place. It should be kept away from small chrildren at nay time. If you happen to store it in a very cool place the oil can solidify and be hard to get through the pipette. If that is the case, you can warm the bottle in your hand for a few minutes before taking your dose.


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